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Comment repérer un verbe conjugué même si je ne le connais pas?
terminaison -ed pour les verbes réguliers au prétérit, verbe irrégulier que je connais bien, terminaison -ed pour la voix passive(BE-EN), terminaison -ing pour la voix active (BE-ING), infinitif après un modal.

Now, here it , the last Saturday in March, and Eddie with his rod.
He ' his studio in the dark, and it hardly daybreak when he to fish.
On both sides of the Hudson the sky with a hazy pink glow.
He ' along night crawlers and crusts of bread in an old tin pail.
Eddie the Harlem River—it , even more so than the Hudson, with oystering boats.
Several bridges across the waters, the marsh birds.
He it before the countryside , as it in Chelsea, where there pavement everywhere.

Through the new leaves of the locust trees, Eddie Beck farther down along the bank.
An encounter with the old man unavoidable, for the hermit and .
Eddie the greeting, how to best keep his distance.
Beck to chase off intruders with a rifle, and there those who he to kill any man who the wildlife that rare, coyotes and fox and the huge, cantankerous wild turkeys.
Past the area of Washington Heights Hudson Heights, the highest altitude in Manhattan, at 265 feet above sea level.
There the pastoral village of Inwood, and although the subway this far, this section of north Manhattan with small farms, including a house once owned by the Audubon family.
Eddie the hermit in his agitation over the constant building in Manhattan.
Apartment buildings everywhere.

Alice Hoffman, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, 2014