Lurçat Phrase Book

All the expressions in italics are expressions you may hear during your stay.

The rest is all the expressions you may need.



LANGUAGE   The most important words (Mind your P's and Q's)

Please / Thank you (very much)

To accept: Yes, please                                                To refuse:  No, thank you

After hearing 'thank you': You're welcome! / Don't mention it! / It's all right! / That's okay!

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening / Good night / Goodbye

Excuse me (before) / I'm sorry (after)

If you don't understand:

(I beg your) pardon?  / Can you repeat please? / Can you speak more slowly please?

I don't understand / I didn't understand / I didn't catch that / I didn't hear you

How do you spell it? Can you write it down for me please?


First meeting on the coach park

How do you do? (Formal) / Pleased to meet you.                     

Pleased to meet you.                                                    I'm ________  / This is ________

This is my luggage. Where shall I put my luggage? (in the boot !)


In the car while driving to your host family

Your seatbelt!

How are you? (I'm fine, thank you  / I'm tired)

You must be tired. (Yes, I am / It's okay, I'm fine)

Where are you from?

(I am / We are from Perpignan, in the south of France, on the coast , 20 miles from Spain)

Is this your first visit to England / you first time in Eastbourne?

(Yes, it is / No, I've been to England before. I last visited England in 19__)

Have you been to England / Eastbourne before? (Yes I have / No, never)

How was your trip? I had a nice trip / crossing, thank you. / The sea was calm (=/= rough)  / I was/wasn't sick on the boat / I'm a bit tired / I'm very tired.

How is your English? (It's okay / It's so-so / I get by / It's poor / It's terrible)

How long have you studied English? (I have learnt English for __ years)

Your English is very good / You speak English very well.

When getting home, on the first evening

Follow me / This is your room / Your room is upstairs / You will have to share.

The rules: Please don't eat or smoke in your room. / You mustn't _____ / You can't _____ in your room.

This is the bathroom / the toilet.

You can wash / have a bath  / have a shower in the evening / in the morning.

Don't forget to flush the toilet!

Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? A snack or something hot?

Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?

Is there any food you don't like?


You may need to say:

I've brought you a little present from Perpignan.

May I use the bathroom/ toilet? / Where can I wash my hands? 

Is it okay if I have a shower? / Do you mind if I have a shower?

Could I have a towel, please?

Do you think I could have another blanket / pillow, please?

Do you think I could have a few more coat hangers, please?

Where shall I put my coat / my shoes / my dirty laundry?

Where do I put the rubbish?

How do you switch on / off the light? / How does it work?

Can I borrow an iron / a hairdryer / an adaptor?

The ___ is broken / The ___ doesn't work.

May I watch television (with you)?

I am hungry; may I have something to eat?

I'm tired; may I go to bed now?

Would you excuse me/us, I'm going to my room.

What time do I have to get up? / What time are we getting up / leaving the house tomorrow?

Could you please call me at six thirty / seven / seven thirty?

We are meeting at _____  tomorrow morning.

Good night! Sleep well!

There is no hot water in the bathroom / no toilet paper.

May I phone the group leader? / I need to speak to my teacher / Can I ring Mr __ / Mrs __?






I don't feel very well / I feel a bit sick / I have a headache / I have a bad stomach /

 I have toothache / I have a sore throat / My __(body part) _ ache(s) / I'm ill.

I feel sick / I have been sick.

I am allergic to cats / smoke / penicillin /etc.

I'm asthmatic  / I need my inhaler.

My period has started / I need some tampons/towels.

I've got diarrhoea / I'm constipated


The morning after

You may hear:

Good morning

How are you today? (Fine / very well thank you  / so-so. And you?)

Did you sleep well?  (Yes, thank you, very well)

Were you cold / okay? Is your room warm enough?

Do you need an extra blanket / pillow?

What would you like for breakfast? Tea / coffee / cereals?

This is your packed lunch.

I'm going to take you to the meeting point.

I will show you how to get to the meeting point.

See you later / tonight. You have to be back at five. / Have a nice day

What time should I/we be back?

Can you show me/us the way to the meeting point?


After your first day

I'm back / We're back!

I had a lovely day  / I enjoyed myself a lot today / We went to ___  /  We visited ___

It was great, exciting  =/= It was boring

Hello / Good evening

How was your day?

Where did you go today? What did you visit? Did you enjoy yourself?

Your parents phoned. You have to phone them back.

Where are you going tomorrow?




Meals at home

What time is breakfast / dinner?

Shall I lay the table?

May I have a little of this please?  / I have a sweet tooth

Would you like some ___?  (Yes, please / No, thank you, I'm not very keen on ___)

May I have some more please?

I don't particularly like ___, I'd prefer ___ if you don't mind.

I'm a vegetarian / I can only eat Kosher  / Muslim / Halal food.

I'm very sorry but I'm not allowed to eat _____  (meat  / pork / beef / shellfish)

Can I help you with the washing up?

That was nice / delicious / super / excellent.  / I really enjoyed that.

Would you like some more ___? (Yes, please, but only a little / No, thank you, it was very nice)



Push / Pull / Open  / Closed / Cash desk

Can I help you? No, thank you, I'm just looking! / We are together.

Do you have ___? / I would like __ / Do you sell ___? / I'm looking for ___

How much is it? / It's too expensive. / I have nothing smaller, sorry.

Sorry, I haven't got enough money? / Sorry, I haven't got enough change.

It's a gift, could wrap it up please?

I don't know my size.

Shoes: What is your shoe size? I take size ___ shoe / They're too big/small.

(2 = 35, 3 = 36, 4 = 37, 5 = 38, 6 = 39, 7 = 41, 8 = 42, 9 = 43, 10 = 44, 11 = 45, 12 = 46)

Clothes: I take size ___    / Can I try this on? Where are the changing rooms?

For women 8 = 36, 10 = 38, 12 = 40, 14 = 42, 16 = 44, 18 = 46

For men 36 = 46, 38 = 48, 40 = 50, 42 = 52, 44 = 54, 46 = 56

Your change! Your receipt!


Asking your way in the street

Always start with: 'Excuse me, please'

Could you tell me the way to _____?

How do I get to the pier / the sea front / the main street / the station / the chemist's / the post office?

Is there a public toilet / a baker's / a newsagent's around here?

Excuse me, where is the nearest _____?

I am lost / I am looking for ___ / Can you show me on the map?



You may hear:

Keep going straight ahead / Straight on

You have to turn round

Turn right / turn left

Keep going as far as ___

Cross the street / Take the first/second on the right

It's after/past the traffic lights

Go past the church.

Follow the ___ signs  / It's opposite the ___


At the bank

Where can I change money? I want to change 20 Euros into Pounds

 I'd like small notes, please.  / I need a receipt.


Ordering drinks

I would like ____ please.

a black coffee / a white coffee / a tea (with milk/lemon) / a hot chocolate / herbal tea / a soda / a lemonade / a glass of tap water / a glass of mineral water / a fruit juice / an orange juice / half of shandy / half of lager / half of bitter / half of cider / etc.

Anything else? Two pounds twenty, please. Thank you.  Here's your change.


Saying goodbye

Will you drive me/us to the coach park? = Will you give me/us a lift to the coach park?

Are you paying for the cab / taxi?

I've really enjoyed my stay.

Thank you for your hospitality.

Thanks for everything.