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176. As a baby, Brian used a lot of milk.

177. He's English : he is used to in the rain and the cold!

178. This is the most stupid thing he has done!

179. He many books so far.

180. .

181. Brian's cousin is a baby.

182. His parents want a lawyer.

183. He doesn't remember the day he was born.

184. He's uncertain he should go or stay.

185. He actually worked hard last weekend, surprised everyone.

186. The school knows Brian. He is so popular.

187. Brian drive a car.

188. I wish you here.

189. If only you see him now!

190. Brian is a smart boy.

191. follows football in England.

192. The prefer a mobile phone to a computer.

193. There many solutions to this problem.

194. £100 is too much, he can't afford one.

195. Do you want ? (I think you will say yes)

196. On the one hand it's convenient, but on the hand it's really expensive.

197. Brian is said a very helpful boy.

198. Brian can invite his friends over they don't make too much noise.

199. Brian loves pop rock but he can't stand to metal.

200. if he's young, he's sensible.