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Tous ces énoncés sont incorrects. Il y a une seule erreur par ligne. Identifiez l'erreur en cliquant sur le mot / fragment qui pose problème. Si vous voulez en savoir plus ensuite, cliquez sur les [?]

151. He bought Harry Potter book. It's the most recent one and the best one too.

152. ? She has long dark hair and green eyes.

153. Brian is the boy in school who can speak 3 languages. He must feel alone.

154. He always the same mistakes.

155. He's so funny. He always me laugh.

156. His father always says : ' the right thing!'

157. Brian his friends when he can't be with them.

158. He won again; he be so proud.

159. He doesn't ride to school . He walks now.

160. He doesn't need with Maths.

161. He hasn't decided ; it's too early.

162. He has friends on his Facebook.

163. His friends? Some are boys, the are girls.

164. You have to be 18 to order a drink in a pub.

165. If he , he would never have come.

166. He will his girlfriend one day ...

167. Brian me of my cousin Peter.

168. is perfect, are they ?

169. Brian spends his time playing and money on games.

170. He's not a baby anymore and yet he drinks hot milk before bed.

171. He stopped a short break.

172. Have a shower or a bath? It's hard to a decision.

173. Brian thinks charities are right to help the and the homeless.

174. It's time he to bed.

175. He can't drive a car he is 18.