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Tous ces énoncés sont incorrects. Il y a une seule erreur par ligne. Identifiez l'erreur en cliquant sur le mot / fragment qui pose problème. Si vous voulez en savoir plus ensuite, cliquez sur les [?]

126. He doesn't know that the Prime Minister is a woman.

127. Another tablet for Brian. What for ? He has got two.

128. He loves tea, but he loves coffee .

129. he is tired, he doesn't want to go to bed.

130. His father works a lawyer at the City.

131. Do you need anything ?

132. Don't call Brian 5 and 7: he usually does his homework then.

133. His favourite parent? He loves .

134. Brian is so touchy! He can't accept .

135. No problem, it's okay, I'm fine. I don't !

136. Brian's father drives a small car.

137. For breakfast, it's either tea coffee.

138. He hasn't got to buy the new Playstation.

139. He is to choose what he wants to do.

140. He bought a lot of during his trip to America.

141. He will next year to live on his own.

142. He will his final exam next year. Will he succeed or fail?

143. He much better now that he has finished his homework.

144. It's the first time he that.

145. He will decide when he 21.

146. Peter is a friend of .

147. He obey his parents if he wants pocket money.

148. Brian take the bus than walk to school.

149. I hope Brian .

150. Too much work! Brian has a terrible headache now, his head .