5. Remedial according to Brian - Click on mistakes ! - www.franglish.fr

Tous ces énoncés sont incorrects. Il y a une seule erreur par ligne. Identifiez l'erreur en cliquant sur le mot / fragment qui pose problème. Si vous voulez en savoir plus ensuite, cliquez sur les [?]

101. He likes his sister, she likes him : they like .

102. Brian is not responsible the situation.

103. me when you are free.

104. Brian hates it when he has to answers.

105. No news good news.

106. The USA the country Brian would like to live in.

107. He never drinks alcohol.

108. Somebody stole all his pocket money: that's !

109. Brian is never late, he's always time.

110. He to go to school on Sundays.

111. He vegetables.

112. He is bored, he doesn't know to do.

113. He has an old bike he never uses.

114. Tom is the funny boy lives next door.

115. Brian's father has a good but he always has a lot of work to do.

116. ?

117. Jenny who loves them, Brian hates vegetables.

118. Brian loves British pop rock. you?

119. Smoking is not allowed, you smoke in here.

120. In my it's not fair.

121. Brian likes to visit countries and to travel abroad.

122. You say 'Excuse me' and 'Sorry' after.

123. He will certainly do it!

124. He always accepts to hear .

125. Brian is 15 now: he's a teenager.