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76. Brian is so different his sister.

77. A family picnic on Sunday? Why not? It depends the weather.

78. Brian never knows what time .

79. Brian's father a lot of money by working hard.

80. His French lessons are always very : all the students are interested.

81. The letters of his password are : S, E, C.

82. Brian was when he got a dictionary for Christmas.

83. He cries easily ; he's so .

84. He smiles all the time, he's so .

85. He has followers on Twitter and a few real friends in real life.

86. You don't pay for it, it's .

87. His French is very ; he speaks French very well.

88. How often her hair?

89. He's so lazy, always on the sofa ...

90. He should eat if he wants to lose weight.

91. Brian can speak a Spanish.

92. his friends are in the same school.

93. Brians hasn't got time, he has so many things to do.

94. I can't stay, sorry. I must off.

95. Do you have plans for weekend?

96. Games of Thrones is his favourite TV .

97. Brian has got more than four friends on Facebook.

98. Jenny has got of friends too!

99. The more he works, the he gets.

100. Brian collects for games consoles.