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51. Where

52. He at home last weekend.

53. He lives in .

54. This is Brian's room and are his games.

55. He works a lot get good results.

56. He drank his first cup of tea when he 2.

57. He if he could. But he can't so he won't.

58. Brian is often late for school as he up at 8 every morning.

59. He met his sweetheart when he in primary school in 2005.

60. He really fast food!

61. He become a teacher later.

62. is worse? School or homework?

63. book is this?

64. His first name is Brian, his is MILLER.

65. He has met of people in his life.

66. He doesn't television anymore.

67. He has always been .

68. According Brian, football is the best of games.

69. Brian's father is away on a business trip, he's not here .

70. This problem can be solved.

71. Brian is a blue- teenager with short hair.

72. It has advantages and : we must weigh up the pros and the cons.

73. Brian is afraid spiders; he is not very proud of that...

74. His sister acts her mother.

75. Only £5 for a concert? That's !