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26. parents live in Surrey, England.

27. Brian lives in a big house : is very nice and cosy.

28. Look at the baby, is so cute.

29. He goes to school at 9 and comes home school at 5.

30. Brian's room is upstairs : room is not very large but it's cosy.

31. Brian is holiday in August.

32. How ?

33. How ?

34. stupid idea!

35. There is a problem but there many solutions.

36. Teachers , students learn.

37. Brian just loves to listen music on his phone.

38. Brian lives in , Britain. He is British.

39. How does it cost?

40. How people are there?

41. You do that!

42. Brian is English but his best friends are or American.

43. What Brian do next weekend?

44. Brian has never been to France or .

45. Brian lives with his sister and his two .

46. In his family, there are two , one man and a woman.

47. His hair too short.

48. He is a nice boy!

49. Brian is the boy in school.

50. Jenny is the in the family. The 'baby' …