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1. Brian is in the kitchen, he .

2. Brian is boy of 15.

3. He lives in old house down the street.

4. Brian has been practising hard for hour now.

5. Brian loves .

6. His parents are very .

7. It's a .

8. He vegetables.

9. He's a 15--old boy.

10. I with you.

11. His best friend lives in town.

12. It's 5. Brian is back from school, he hungry and thirsty.

13. It's freezing today, Brian cold.

14. Brian is than his sister Jenny.

15. Jenny is not as Brian.

16. She was born 1999.

17. She was born September 1999. On the second at 4 p.m. to be precise.

18. Where did he last summer ?

19. People say that is money.

20. Brian is not here. Where has he ?

21. Everybody Brian. They all think he is nice.

22. He has been on Facebook 5 years now.

23. He has had a phone a long time, since the age of 10.

24. He opened his Facebook account , back in 2012.

25. He at home next weekend.