it didn't square
twice as thick
a fortnight
an achievement
a full belly
Napoleon's safety
they distrusted him
a treacherous attack
to bribe / bribery
to counsel
to contemplate
to purchase
struck dumb
to raise his price
a bank-note
a hullabaloo
forged notes
it serves you right
a sledge hammer
blasting powder
vile, contemptible act
weary and bleeding
to limp
a hearse
an old bowler hat
walk on tiptoe
brewing and distilling
a ladder

B - TRUE OR FALSE ? All those statements are false except 2. Rewrite the false statements to correct them

The Sixth Commandment is completely erased.
Work is in fact getting easier and easier.
The animals would question the figures and statistics produced by Squealer.
Napoleon would appear in public twice a week.
Squealer would never praise Napoleon in public.
All are grateful to Squealer for everything they enjoy: they worship him.
Napoleon's portrait was placed at the entrance of the farm.
Three more pigs are executed , they are guilty of plotting.
Napoleon fears assassination: he is afraid of being poisoned by Pinkeye.
There was a constant threat of an attack by Jones.
The animals even suggested to attack Pinchfield to set Snowball free.
Snowball is finally praised for mixing weed seeds with the seed corn.
The windmill was completed after Xmas; just on time.
Napoleon suggested to name it 'Animal Mill'.
Foxwood was no longer the enemy: Foxwood was now an ally.
The timber would be sold to Frederick.
Frederick paid for the timber with a cheque.
He then attacked the farm with fifteen unarmed men.
Pilkington was sorry to hear the news of the attack: he sympathised.
The windmill was destroyed in no time: the storm was terrible.
The men managed to win the battle and take the farm back.
Oddly enough, Squealer considers the battle a real failure.
The Order of the Green Banner was conferred on those who had lost their lives.
Napoleon is intoxicated by Snowball.
Napoleon contemplates producing his own alcohol.
The Fifth Commandment is amended too.