A- Correct the following statements where necessary

George Orwell's pen name was Eric Blair.
He was born in India at the turn of this century.
Orwell studied at Oxford.
He started to write for the school's magazines.
He spent a few years in India as a novelist.
Orwell: the playwright. 'Burmese Days' was the first play he wrote.
Later on he rubbed shoulders with poor people in England and on the Continent.
He reviewed novels and wrote articles after an experience as teacher.
In 1936, he fought against the Republicans in the Spanish civil war.
During WW II, he worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
He worked for Tribune, the Observer and the Manchester Evening News.
His poor wealth became a major concern.
He died in 1940 at the age of fifty-six.
His best-known novels were 'Animal Farm' and '1948'.

B- Correct the following titles of books by G.Orwell.

Burma days (1934)
On and off in Paris and London (1933)
A Clergyman's Daughter (1935)
Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936)
The way to Wigan Pier (1937)
Homage to Catalans (1938)
Coming up for hair (1939)
Animal Form (1945)
Nineteen Forty-Eight (1984)

C- MCQ on 'A note on the text' page V.

Orwell called this book Animal Farm: a Fairy Story / a Fairy Tale / a Fable.
One publisher thought the book was a children's book / a book on farming / a short story.
In some translations, the subtitle beacame: a satire / a contemporary satire / a tale.
Orwell had always been fascinated by fairy stories / teachers / his childhood.
In 1945 he met a survivor of Soviet / German / French concentration camps.
In the novel, Stalin is represented by Napoleon / Czapski / Hitler.
In 1946, Orwell worked on a radio / television / cinematographic adaptation of his story.
Orwell meant his book to be primarily / only / exclusively a satire on the Russian Revolution.
According to Orwell, there is/are one / no / several turning-point(s) in his book.
It's when the pigs keep / give / sell the milk and honey.
The only person entitled to revise Animal Farm would be Orwell himself / an editor / Davison.