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Click on the 25 words that are not said by the speaker.

Hi, my name is Pomare and I am a .
I have been as a private secretary at Parliament.
Before that I worked as a manager, a telemarketer
and in office administration roles.
It's my to welcome people into reception, classify calls,
documents, requests or complaints, and help other when necessary.
I feel a great sense of achievement doing the I have planned to do
and knowing I have contributed to the efficient running of the .
I the work, it's and varied - nothing is the same.
I see my boss on the and him on the radio.
What's happening in government affects all , so it's very exciting.
My advice to interested in working as a secretary is
to listen and learn from those around you, be -minded and have a flexible approach.
Each office has its own way of working and there's not only one way to a problem.
A positive is also important.
Although I this job, it isn't a long-term thing.
Soon I hope to be studying towards (Master of Business Administration) at university.
Hopefully an MBA will be the key to getting into a management position.
From there I to gain enough experience, knowledge and skill to a business of my own.